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About Lazy Harry

A true BLUE Aussie who gave up teaching about Australia to sing about it and has never looked back.

He is Australia's :Lazy Harry", alias Mark Stephens, a lover of this wide, brown land. A born entertainer, his blend of music and typical Aussie humour is as Australian as Meat Pies and Holden Cars. "Harry" has a rich and diverse background, having worked as a farm hand in Gippsland and a factory boy in Brunswick. He then worked his way through Melbourne University earning a Degree in History with Honours whilst singing in the best choirs in Australia.

Lazy Harry has performed throughout Australia and overseas in Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Frankfurt, and London.

His performances capture the freshness of Australia and his voice is light and melodious.

He has researched aspects of Australian life and culture in a comprehensive way and has come up with a completely unique interpretation of Australian music.

He and his wife Wendy have experienced a lot of what the wide brown land has to offer, having been flooded out of their home twice and having recently experienced the devestating bushfires that swept through our land.

He was born and raised in Melbourne, but soon moved to the historic town of Beechworth in the foothills of the Australian Alps where he regularly entertains local and international tour groups. Harry has also toured extensively thoughout the USA, Britain, and Germany, and of course across the length and breadth of his beloved Australia. His sound is immediately recognizable, honest, unique, and absolutely Australian. You will hear every word, and probably find yourself singing along with the recording. We have no hesitation in recommending the entire Lazy Harry collection.