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School Programs
- An Integrated music program for primary school

Bookings are now available for Lazy Harry's new Australian Music Program for Primary Schools. Mark Stephens' (a.k.a. Lazy Harry) music program is tuned to many of the Key Learning Outcomes as set out in the Curriculum Standards Framework. He has had wide experience working with school groups both at home and overseas and there is a constant demand for his CDs and DVD's. His involvement with your school can motivate children, teachers, and the whole school community, and can range from a one-day concert visit to a whole year program with up to three visits per term. His full collection of CD's and DVD's will provide your school with a generous bank of resources for listening, singing and dancing. It also provides many cross-references to themes of our Australian History including Aborigines, Early Settlement, Songs of the Sea, Gold, Bushrangers, Riverboats, Federation and Bush Dancing.

International Tour Groups
(Tour operators, Coach Captains, and Tour Directors)
Give your passengers a taste of the real Australia by meeting Lazy Harry when your tour comes to North East Victoria or Southern NSW

In your next tour be sure to treat your passengers to a concert by Australian Bush Balladeer Lazy Harry. Meet with Harry at historic Beechworth in Victoria, for a fun filled show based on Harry's best selling CD "The Big Aussie Album".

Bush Dances
Remember the fun you had at those energetic bush dances where all the family can enjoy themselves... Lazy Harry is the master of the bush dance. He will liven up your bush dance with some rollicking bush music and fun dances.

Weddings Parties and Special Occasions
Make your party or wedding reception that much better when you have Lazy Harry play some traditional Australian music for you and your guests. Harry has a repetiore that can suit any occasion, and a style that can suit any event.